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Part of providing the exemplary services we're known for at Dental Health of Maplewood is utilizing the best tools available. Our dentists have extensive experience with a wide array of dental technology, and we select specific instruments and procedures with the most consistent effectiveness available.

Our menu of services is very extensive, supported by each team member's expertise and willingness to explain how our chosen methods service you best. We encourage you to explore our highlighted technology to learn how it aids us in serving all your oral health care needs.

Intraoral Camera

Before the advent of intraoral cameras, when your dentist needed to view your teeth from as many angles as possible, their best choice was a small round mirror and an eagle eye. But this new technology is such a massive improvement that you can share the view of your teeth produced in high-resolution by our intraoral camera.

This dental tool consists of a small camera integrated into a wand that fits comfortably in your mouth and may be manipulated in real-time. This allows your dentist to focus on specific areas and zoom in to see more clearly. This makes our diagnosis more accurate and helps identify potential issues that we may be able to treat much more straightforwardly in its early stages. Another benefit of this dental technology is that we can connect it to a chairside monitor so you can see your teeth first-hand.

Finally, the image quality produced by intraoral cameras aids us in determining the color accuracy of a future dental crown, dental veneer, and other restorations.

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Digital Dental Sensors

We are proud to augment our digital x-ray system with digital sensors for more accurate images. These small devices represent years of engineering to make them fit comfortably yet snugly inside your mouth. When we activate the x-ray, this sensor gathers the imaging information and transmits the data to a digital screen.

The advantage of digital sensors are:

  • Full image of all your teeth in real-time
  • High-resolution image shows even minor issues
  • Less radiation exposure

Digital sensors are an excellent method for extending the usefulness of digital x-rays, improving their output in nearly every way. So next time we take imagery of your teeth, you can rest assured that our digital sensors will make the experience quicker, more accurate, and more comfortable.

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Sedation Dentistry

The Dental Health at Maplewood's primary goal is to establish lasting relationships with every patient, regardless of how they feel about dental care when they first walk through our doors. So whether you feel dental anxiety, have the desire to do years of dentistry in one visit, or like the idea of sleeping through a dental visit, we can offer the sedation option that is best for you.

Our practice is licensed to administer numerous forms of sedation, from oral anxiolytics (medications to help relax you like Xanax) to oral conscious sedation. We may administer IV sedation for those who wish to be completely sedated. We are qualified and committed to finding a way to incorporate sedation to help you experience a comfortable and successful procedure. We will also meet with you to discuss all sedative procedures and your medical and dental history. Our consultations are free and a great way to learn more about all your sedation options.

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