Dentures are an option for patients requiring total replacement of their upper, lower, or both arches of teeth. The natural aging process combined with your personal level of wear and tear leads to tooth loss at a rate of ten teeth on average for Americans over fifty. Though tooth loss is not inevitable, it's common enough that a whole range of tooth replacement options falls under the category of dentures.

The overall unifying trait of dentures at Dental Health of Maplewood is that they are a complete replacement option. We are proud to offer several different options, from conventional one-piece dentures to those involving tooth implants, bone augmentation, or several other combinations of treatments. Our expertise and experience will help us work together when choosing the best denture option for your unique needs.

The Benefits of Tooth Replacement in North St. Paul, MN

As you lose teeth, one at a time or in groups, your overall health and well-being may decline at a relative rate. Here are a few ways missing teeth can negatively impact your life:

  • Appearance – in addition to a beautiful smile, teeth fill out your face and support your lips and cheeks. Without them, you may suffer facial sagging and look years older.
  • Function – while each tooth is a distinct individual, they still work best in a team. Missing teeth diminish your ability to bite and chew healthy foods effectively until you totally avoid the foods you need for whole-body wellness.
  • Bone health – the chewing pressure from healthy teeth also stimulates bone regeneration. Without that pressure, your jaw becomes thinner and more prone to problems.

We Offer Multiple Denture Options to Restore your Smile

The Dental Health of Maplewood team provides suitable dentures for your individual needs and lifestyle. For many, a conventional removable denture might work best, especially if your natural teeth are missing or too damaged for other dental appliances.  

Another excellent choice for teeth replacement is implant-supported dentures. These are most like natural teeth because we implant them into your jaw. But instead of using costly and time-consuming full root-form dental implants, we can secure a new denture with the same benefits using mini dental implants. This option allows us to perform the foundational work for your denture in one visit and a complete replacement in a very short time.

How to Care for Your Removable Traditional and Implant Dentures

Though your dentures don't decay like natural teeth, the impacts of eating, drinking, biting, and chewing subject them to similar problems. Therefore, you'll want to establish a regular and conscientious routine that includes brushing your dentures twice daily with a soft-bristled brush and a special non-abrasive denture cleaner. Other practices we recommend are:

  • Before brushing, rinse your dentures with warm water to remove more significant food remnants.
  • Always handle your denture carefully, over a towel or other soft material in case of dropping.
  • At each brushing, also clean out your mouth by using a soft toothbrush or special tool on your gums, cheeks, palate, and your tongue to stimulate gums, prevent gum disease, and avoid bad breath.
  • When your dentures are not in your mouth, you should always secure them in a safe container filled with water to prevent warping.

Finally, our team will recommend a schedule for follow-up visits to ensure your dentures fit and work correctly. We often make minor adjustments to maximize your comfort and accommodate changes in your mouth. If you care for your dentures and keep them adjusted, you may have a comfortable teeth replacement option that lasts for years.

Our Dentists Specialize in Denture Options, Including Implant-Retained Dentures

At Dental Health of Maplewood, we hope everyone is blessed with a long, healthy life and teeth that go the distance. But even when you've lost teeth, you can still enjoy the benefits of a full smile and the crisp and crunchy foods you love. So let us help you decide which option fits you best.

Call us at your earliest convenience to learn more and set up a consultation with one of our specialists.