Mini Dental Implants

When it comes to replacement teeth, Dental Health of Maplewood is proud to provide diverse options based on what works best for you. So we always begin by getting to know you while learning what has shaped your dental history. Our dentists may suggest a dental implant or bridgework if you need one new tooth or a few in a row. But in the case of many missing teeth, we offer several denture options for your consideration.

Our team will evaluate your unique situation to make the best recommendations to meet your goals. While we offer traditional removable dentures, one modern option that can provide a more comfortable and attractive solution is mini dental implants.

What Is a Mini Dental Implant?

Mini dental implants are small titanium screws we usually place directly into your jaw without incision or sutures. This procedure allows us to place them right here at our dental office for your convenience. Above your gums, tiny titanium posts extend to secure your denture or bridge in position.

These tiny implants have a similar structure but are more straightforward. While standard dental implants have three parts, a mini implant is a one-piece screw around 3mm in diameter with a specialized connector for your particular tooth replacement appliance.

The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

While conventional complete dentures rely on suction and adhesives to hold, mini dental implants are more secure. In addition, this option provides freedom from messy creams and adhesives and a smaller, less bulky denture base. We also can use mini dental implants where less bone structure may be available for a standard dental implant.

Other advantages of mini dental implants are:

  • Less invasive surgery for implantation
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Expensive bone grafts can be avoided
  • Fewer dental visits to complete the procedure

Placing Mini Dental Implants

Our technique for placing mini dental implants is more straightforward than conventional dental implants. Because of this, we can usually place mini implants in one visit using local anesthesia. During surgery, we avoid using sutures which makes your healing process much quicker. Larger dental implants typically require months before attaching a tooth replacement because your bone must grow around the implant screw. This is also why you need more bone structure for a regular dental implant.

Tooth Replacements Like Dentures Retained by Mini Dental Implants in Maplewood, MN

If you’d like to start down the road to a full, gorgeous smile that functions well and restores your confidence, we suggest you schedule your prosthetics consultation with us today. You may also learn more about mini dental implants in our patient library. We are proud that so many people from St. Paul and Minneapolis trust Dental Health of Maplewood with their smiles, and our doors are always open to new patients.