Root Canal Treatment

Job one for the Dental Health of Maplewood team is to form positive relationships so that we can provide the kind of exemplary oral health care that your family deserves. Our next goal is to offer a full range of comprehensive dental treatments that fit your specific needs. If one of those needs involves tooth pain and progressive problems, our commitment is to go above and beyond so we can save a damaged tooth.

One of the best methods for saving a tooth may also have the worst reputation. This method is called root canal treatment and is a procedure that’s reality defies common understanding. First, most people think root canal treatments are painful when in fact, they solve the pain resulting from a deep dental infection. Second, root canal treatments are not the most extreme form of dental care. In fact, seeking treatment for a root infection is much better than the alternatives like tooth extraction.

Our dentists are highly-trained experts in performing root canal treatments and can help you understand why it may be your best course of action.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

One way to visualize your tooth is as a silo, with solid walls meant to protect vulnerable insides. At your tooth’s base, it plugs into your jaw via your tooth root so your body can enrich your inner tooth with blood and nerve endings. This circulation keeps your tooth alive, and it all depends on narrow passages called root canals.

Under normal conditions, your root canal stays isolated from the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth. But if decay, fracture, or other damage allows bacteria to penetrate your inner tooth, your root canal will eventually become infected, inflamed, and painful. Root canal treatment removes this infected tissue and then seals the passage to guard against future infection. The final step is a tooth restoration like a dental crown to add another layer of protection and restore your tooth’s original function.

Signs You Might Need Root Canal Treatment

Because timely treatment of tooth root infections can save your tooth, we want you to be especially aware of the symptoms. We strongly suggest you contact our dental clinic if you experience any of the following:

  • Persistent toothache
  • Tooth pain, especially when you bite down
  • Acute tooth sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Visible hole, crack, or other fracture in your outer tooth
  • Signs of infection like red and inflamed gums

It’s important to remember that the dental infection attacking your tooth root and root canals will only worsen if you don’t seek treatment.

Root Canal Treatment in St. Paul, MN Can Save a Tooth

Our goal at Dental Health of Maplewood is to treat any challenges to your oral health in as timely a manner as possible. If you have a toothache that might point to an inner tooth infection, please don’t wait to call our dental office. With high-quality root canal treatment, we can work together to save your tooth and restore your comfort and health.