Children's Dentistry

Dental Health of Maplewood brings the latest technology, materials, and procedures to dental care for even our smallest patients. In fact, we believe that positive dental experiences are fundamental to a person’s lifelong relationship with dentistry. To avoid these possibilities, our dentists and our team invest in the training to enhance your child’s dental care.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive services for your whole family to simplify your dental needs—no need to run all over St. Paul to get the specific care you need. We can provide it all in our dental office. From their first visit to preventive treatments like fluoride varnish and dental sealants, our team is ready to ensure your kids never fear the dental chair and always have a bright and confident smile.

Technology Makes for Better Children’s Dental Visits

With so many concerns about kids and screens, you’ll be relieved to know that the screen time we offer is beneficial. We use intraoral cameras, which are connected to chairside monitors, so as we view your child’s mouth and teeth, they can see what we see. It’s like shrinking down and taking a tour of their mouths to promote a more complete understanding of our findings and treatment recommendations.

We also use digital x-rays that emit up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional radiographs for your child’s safety. In addition, these digital images don’t require film or environmentally dangerous chemicals, and they can be transferred immediately and securely.

Sedation Dentistry for More Comfortable Dental Treatments

For older children and adolescents, we understand if they experience some level of anxiety around seeing the dentist. In most cases, our gentle and compassionate approach helps put our patients at ease, but sometimes other techniques are helpful. Upon request, Dental Health of Maplewood can provide nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, as a safe and effective way to take the edge of treatments.

We want your child’s time with us to be rewarding, so please share if you think they may feel any dental anxiety or hesitation about dental care. We also can supply you with even more dental anxiety treatment options, including medical sedation and even IV-administered sedation for a wide variety of options. Your comfort is a priority to us.

Pediatric Dentistry and Children’s Dentist Near Maplewood and St. Paul, MN

Your child’s oral health care is vital to their overall wellbeing, and who doesn’t like being charmed by a child’s toothy smile. In addition, your well-cared-for baby teeth set the stage for strong permanent teeth that your children will understand how to maintain for a lifetime.

If you have questions about our dental technology at Dental Health of Maplewood, call us today! We serve patients from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding suburbs with excellent dental health care and customer service for all ages.