Cosmetic Dentistry

At Dental Health of Maplewood, we approach restorative procedures with esthetics in mind so that no matter if you get a cavity filled, a porcelain crown, or a complete set of replacement teeth, your smile will look natural and complement your overall appearance. But we also offer multiple cosmetic procedures to help enhance not only your tooth appearance but the appearance of your skin and eyes too!

For your teeth, we can start with minor invasive treatments like teeth whitening, which can take years off your appearance in just a handful of sessions in the comfort of your home. For other smile imperfections, porcelain veneers and dental crowns can cover them entirely with a high-quality luminous restoration.

We also work with dermal fillers to help correct volume loss in your lips and lower face. Among other treatments, we offer to minimize laugh lines and jowl appearance is hyaluronic acid for a 100 percent natural cosmetic option.

Professional Teeth Whitening for Professional Results

Imagine a smile dramatically whiter. With our teeth whitening system, Dental Health of Maplewood can give you the bright white smile you've always wanted – a younger, fresher, invigorating smile that lights up the room. We offer take-home teeth whitening. Custom trays and professional-grade teeth whitening gel can brighten your smile over about two weeks of use.

Typically, take-home tooth bleaching is a better value, and the results last longer than one-hour whitening treatments. Many patients use take-home teeth whitening kits to freshen up their smiles two or three days every six months to maintain the bright white color well into the future.

Porcelain Dental Veneers Transform Smiles

Change your smile and life with porcelain veneers, a popular procedure from Park Avenue to Beverly Hills. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that mask chips, cracks, slight misalignments, misshapen teeth, and gaps.

We also offer veneers that require minimal tooth preparation. Our dentists continually study the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers. In addition, we work with labs that employ talented ceramic artists who handcraft each veneer according to our color, shape, size, and texture specifications.

We Also Offer Cosmetic Treatments for Facial Enhancements

What better way to accessorize your new smile than with simple and non-invasive cosmetology treatments? Let your eyes light up like your smile with procedures like dermal fillers and hyaluronic acid treatments to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet, and laugh lines. We are licensed and trained to apply numerous therapies and techniques. Don't hesitate to ask a team member about these options on your next visit.

Smile Makeover Is a Total Restoration Customized for You

If your smile needs a combination of treatments, like replacing silver/amalgam fillings and gold crowns, new bridgework, teeth whitening, or porcelain veneers, we may recommend a smile makeover. After thoroughly assessing your oral health, we will create a custom treatment plan to address your smile problems and deliver the new image you want to see in the mirror every morning!

Find Us in Your Search for a Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

For cosmetic dental procedures, trust Dental Health of Maplewood. For your convenience, we can phase treatment with creative scheduling, financing, and payment options. So call to schedule a cosmetic consultation for your smile-enhancing options today.