Root-Form Dental Implants

When technology aims to replace a part of your body, the goal should be to mimic that structure as completely as possible. For example, consider medical prosthetics; only a few decades ago, a person with a missing arm might only be able to replace it with a hook. But modern prosthetics can now offer computer-aided, micro-controlled arms and hands that soon may restore full functionality.

But when we consider tooth replacement, a root form dental implant is one of the newest options that most fully replace your tooth from top to bottom. At Dental Health of Maplewood, we've been supplying our patients with dental implants since the technologies' emergence. We are time-proven experts in the implant procedure and related treatments you may require, such as jawbone grafts and sinus lifts. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all your dental implant needs.

Bone Health Is Necessary for Root-Form Dental Implants

Our team of dentists and dental professionals understand the dental implant process and can start by assessing your eligibility. Then, we use sophisticated diagnostic and imaging tools to create 3-dimensional imagery of your mouth and entire jaw structure. This is a vital step because as we age, natural bone structure diminishes such that, for people in their sixties, nearly half will require bone grafting before they can take advantage of a dental implant.

If you fall into this category, Maplewood Dental Health's goal is to ensure you can receive reliable dental implants even if you need procedures to support them. We perform bone grafts in our dental office as well as other procedures you may require.

The Anatomy of a Root-Form Tooth Implant

The distinguishing characteristic of a dental implant is that we build it from the bottom up, using three main parts. At its base, the root form portion is called the implant screw because it's threaded and made from titanium. This portion provides the foundation necessary for the other two parts, lent strength by how your bone grows around it in a natural process called osseointegration.

The connection point between the root and the top portion is the implant abutment. We have numerous options for this portion, depending on the final implant usage. For example, your abutment can support a single-tooth replacement or special connectors for various dental bridge and denture options.

Finally, the portion that appears above your gum line can be one of a collection of restorations. If you have a single tooth implant, we will use a dental crown composed of the ideal materials for your needs. A dental bridge or implant-retained denture uses a metal frame combined with one or more dental crowns so that the end product looks just like your original teeth.

We Are Your Dental Implant Experts in Maplewood, MN

With so many options to address the malady of missing teeth, the Dental Health of Maplewood's mission is to supply every available opportunity and help you choose the best for you. We will also ensure that oral health is sufficient for any potential dental implant solution. We encourage you to contact our dental office to learn more.