Dental Health of Maplewood

Can you help me better understand my treatment?

In support of our relationship-building goals, the Dental Health of Maplewood team practices open, clear, and complete communication with our patients. This begins at your first visit as we assess oral health using our numerous lead-edge technological instruments. For example, we may even use an intraoral camera and large screen next to our dental chair where we can show a clear and accurate picture of your mouth. We start here so that we can show as much as tell you what we see and how we can address it.

We Have Many Tools to Help Explain Dentistry

When we have formulated a treatment plan, part of that will be a set of recommended treatments along with other options related to specific dental conditions. Then, we will review this plan with you and do our best to explain all our procedures while also answering your questions.

We also use software that allows us to send educational animated videos right to your phone, demonstrating and explaining whatever procedure about which you may want more information.

No matter how you best absorb information, we can provide the solution that helps you understand how we strive to improve your dental health because we know that a healthy smile is good for your overall well-being.

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